CNN Posted Another Biased Anti-Republican Article


Staff member
If we look at the first paragraph i starts off with propaganda that is at best half truth, and at worst a flat out lie.

"Last week, a judge appointed by a Republican governor used an extreme and malicious interpretation of a Wisconsin state voting law to throw roughly 234,000 state voters off the rolls. "

extreme and malicious are dog whistle words put there to grab the readers attention. Who defines what "extreme and malicious" is? So right off the bat the author is posted opinion rather than fact.

What people do not realize, and what is not shared in the article, the United States Supreme Court has ordered states to clear up their voting rolls? The article is fake news as Wisconsin is just doing what it has been told to do by the federal government. However, when states start to clean up voter rolls, main stream media paints it as a picture of voter suppression.

Over the past few of years there have been numerous challenges to cleaning up voting rolls (getting dead voters off the rosters), with some of the challenges going all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. The Supreme Court has ruled in favor of states cleaning up their voting rolls as the states have been ordered to do so.

After reading the article, chances are uneducated readers not having all of the facts will assume Republicans are trying to purge voters off the rosters, which is simply not true. The author of the article took a judge following a federal mandate and twisted it to fit a political narrative.