China will eventually lose a trade war


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China will eventually lose a trade war simply because communist do not innovate. Innovation happens when people profit from their creations. Whether it is a radio, software, medicine... making money is what drives innovation. When the government owns everything, people are less like to develop new products.

The only reason why the Chinese economy is where it is at is because the developed world is exploiting cheap Chinese labor.

What would happen if the world moved its product to Africa? The retain access to technology China would figure out a way to steal ideas, patents... etc. If the world moved their factories back to their home nation, the Chinese economy would collapse. With nothing left to lose, chances are China would strike developed nation.

Why would China strike developed nations? To prevent the Chinese people from revolting. The Chinese government would blame the rest of the world for crashing its economy, which the Chinese people would listen and follow the reasons.

The way to prevent this, which China will not do, is to develop a free enterprise system where people are free to develop products, own land, own factories... without government interference.