China Uncensored details Chinas Coronavirus response


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China Uncensored is a YouTube channel that details Chinese government corruption and crimes against humanity. In this video they detail how China responded to the Coronavirus. Everything from silencing doctors who spoke out, to arresting citizen journalist, to denying aid from the United States.

One suggestion from the Chinese government is to go house to house and take the temperature of everyone. Anyone with a temperature would be removed from the home and detained in a government detention facility.

How China has responded is pretty much a worse case situation.

Silencing doctors
Refusing foreign aid
Not reporting real case numbers
Silencing journalist

The rest of the world does not know the real extent of the outbreak. Because of that, we do not know how we should prepare.

This reminds of me of how the US government and CDC responded to HIV in the 1980s. Just bury your head in the sand and hope it goes away. We know how that turned out.