Business Insider: Government no longer represents the people


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This should be filed under the "no duh" category, as the government has not represented the people for decades. why was Donald Trump elected president? Because the people are sick and tired of business as usual.

If there is one thing we have witnessed during the presidency of Donald Trump, congress and the federal courts are hell bent on maintaining the status quo. Democrats, and in part republicans, will fight any president who stands up for the everyday working people of this great nation.

Business Insider has it all wrong.
  • No the vast majority of people do not support universal background checks.
  • We have a president who is working to put people back to work and rebuild the middle class.
  • President Trump is not influenced by special interest. That is why Wall Street donated almost nothing to his election.
  • Yes, Democrats working against the will of the people is unsustainable.

The people want affordable health care. What was the Democrats solution? To force people to buy health insurance. The year the affordable health care act went into effect health insurance cost went up around 9%, which is not unsustainable.

And left wing media outlets wonder why they are going bankrupt? Mainly because they do not speak for the American people.

When presidents like Bill Clinton signed free trade agreements the people knew the government had turned its back on us. When our factories were demolished and rebuilt in China, we knew the government had turned its back on us. While Chinas economy has been booming for the past 20 years, our buying power has stagnated.

when did this all start? In the 1970s when Nixon established relations with China. First the toy companies moved to china in the 1970s, then slowly, over the past few decades, everything is made in China. While China builds some of the largest construction projects ever seen to mankind (3 gorges dam), our roads fall apart.