BATF is reclassifying previously legal firearms


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The issue is not limited to just gun control as the government is banning property without compensation to owners. The government can not take your property without compensation.

Gun control zealots will probably jump all over this, but it opens a slippery slope to the government taking property without compensation.

The Franklin Armory Reformation has been legal for more than two years. Then all of a sudden the BATF decides to reclassify the firearm which puts a temporary ban on the sale of the Franklin Armory Reformation. If the government can do this to a firearm, they can do it to anything.


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We can invent faster than the ATF can sort its rulings out.

Maybe the ATF should be abolished, or at least reshaped. They say one thing, then a year later they say something else.

Perhaps a government organization should not have the ability to restrict our rights.


Half the problem with the ATF is they are trying to enforce gun laws crafted by politicians that have almost no clue about guns.

When the major laws were passed in early to mid decades of the last century there were enough politicians with military experience to craft laws about guns of that era. Doesn't we have to agree about passing those laws, but the law crafting was relevant to the current technology of the times, Starting in the late 80's there was a dramatic drop in congressional knowledge and the Brady shooting caused the ignorant types to jump in with law crafting. It was all downhill from there. Since then the ATF has been getting laws that mention evil scary looking parts as opposed to recognizing technology shifts.

I don't sympathize with them but the ATF now has a crappy job trying to enforce laws that make no technological sense.

Expect more of these sloppy rulings because they are trying to tie ribbons on pigs.

It also means there will be exploits to grab and maybe have to hide later.

No bumpstock? Boohoo. I'll just have to console myself with a completely legal binary trigger.

An evil looking gun my neighbor saw that had evil black parts? You mean this innocent looking 10/22 with a wooden stock?

What submachine gun? All I have are some Glock pistols in the house.

That odd machine in a box? You mean my kid's custom LEGOs 3D printer? Watch where you step. :giggle:

The technology is racing ahead and the DC braintrust is getting more ignorant by the day. With no world wars on the horizon this knowledge decline in the Democrat party will continue. It's not like the vets in the Republican party are going to help them much.

I wish DC would wake up and recognize our rights. In the meantime I'll settle for ineptness on their part.