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Atwood delivery Zavalla, Texas, fedex contractor. If you live in Southeast Texas, and get a delivery from Atwood delivery service out of Zavalla, Texas, turn them away. July 22, 2020 an Atwood driver made a delivery on a private road Fedex had been told not to drive down. Shortly after the driver left, my dog Zoey was found dead.

After Zoey died I called a number of people at Fedex but they were of little help. Nobody seemed to care that Zoey was dead. How can we do business with people who do not care about our pets.

Atwood is a company that is doing contract delivery service for Fedex. If someone gets a delivery from Fedex, and it is a white van that says Atwood Zavalla, Texas, if you accept the package call fedex (936-699-1223) and demand a real fedex driver deliver your packages from now on. The other option is to risk having your pets ran over.

I had Bonnie at the vet today, described how I found Zoey, vet said chances are Zoey was hit by a vehicle. Bleeding from the ear is typical from dogs that are hit by a vehicle. Zoey had been bleeding from her ear enough to drain down her neck.

In 2014 Zoey and her brother Ellis were dropped off on the side of the road and were living in a hollow log. My cousin and I tried to feed them, with my cousin even giving them a pan for their food. In March 2014 I picked the two puppies up and brought them home.

Zoey was ran over and killed July 22, 2020. If the driver had stopped at told me he hit Zoey, there is a slight chance she could have been saved. My house is around 300 feet from where Zoey was found and would have been in clear view of the Atwood driver. So not only was she hit, she was left to die by the driver.

Love and miss you Zoey. You were the best friend anyone could have ever asked for.


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