Amazon and its retail dominance


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How did Amazon turn into a retail mega-powerhouse? Simply put, Amazons success is built on the failure of its competition. What would an example of competition failure be? How about Sears? If they had adopted free site to store, or free shipping with Sears memberships back in the late 1990s or early 2000s, do we really think Sears would be in the shape it is today?

It all revolves around changing with the times. The last few times I went to Lowes and they were out of a certain item, not a single employee offered to order it for me. Not a single person offered to help me get the item shipped to my home. They had the attitude that we are out of stock, sorry. Well guess what, I went home and ordered it from Amazon.

A few months ago I went to a local Stage store for a pair of shoes. Of course they were out of my shoe size, with is 9 extra wide. What did I do? I went home, ordered the shoes off Amazon and they were at my house in 3 days. I asked an employee at the Stage store about the shoes, and her attitude was, "We are out of your size, sorry." There was not a single offer to have the shoes shipped to my home.

Retail organiations have to adapt to the times. Part of that is realizing we have options. If your sales person does not help me, I will go home and order the item from Amazon. It sure beats waiting a week to get something special ordered at a local store.


Effort to get you exactly what you want is how you stop people from just buying the "good enough" bargain stuff that places like Walmart stack up.

Fact is that it seems that Walmart is making the effort to compete head to head with Amazon. The one company likely immune to Amazon is the one willing to take them on.

Yeah, Sears totally dropped the ball here. They pioneered home delivery of exact desired goods. Amazining that no one in Sears saw this threat comping and didn't stomp on it hard.