Alimony should be abolished


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As if dividing property and child support is not enough, alimony is stacked on top of everything else. States such as Florida have attempted to end lifetime alimony, but resistance from womens groups forced the governor to veto the bill.

As more women go to college and make more money than men, a time will come that more women are forced to pay alimony to their husbands. When that time comes I promise you women will call for an end to alimony. It is funny how when men are forced to pay women alimony things are fine and women are happy. When the time comes for more and more women to pay alimony to men their attitude will change.

To start with the abolishment of alimony, all states should adopt laws that say if a woman files for divorce they do not get alimoy. Since women file something like 85% of the divorces, this would eliminate around 85% of alimony payments. Nobody should be rewarded for destroying a marriage. If women know they will not get alimony if they file, hopefully more women will stay in the marriage and work on improving it.


Alimony was created for a time when women were almost exclusively homemakers with only domestic skills. Their only immediate opportunity for gainful employment was to become a maid, nanny, or go find another man.

The goal of alimony was to keep them on the job for what they were trained in....taking care of the home and kids.

Alimony doesn't need to be abolished. The domestic work needs to be enforced. You get your alimony paycheck for the work actually accomplished. If you go get other employment then you clearly don't need a domestic paycheck.

Let's change the name instead to Domestic Service Reimbursement. If there is no family to keep raising then if it can be proven the domestic partner was dutiful that way during the marriage then the bread winner owes them enough for retraining in a new work skill. Send them to something like LVN school and call it done because they can now go get gainful employment.

What we need to end is the lifestyle payment so the wife or house hubby can sit on their ass and collect cash to be a party animal. No more free rides on the bread winner.

I'm pretty sure those lazy stay at home types will wake the hell up when they find out that divorce could mean learning to study how to empty bed pans and moving to the 1br apartment that new job can only pay for. If they stay at home raising a family then any domestic help hired comes straight out of the alimony check and no premium services allowed. If she doesn't want the yardman payment coming directly out of the alimony then she can go push the mower herself or bribe the neighbor with a blowjob. And in all cases the hiring of a nanny means she's no longer taking care of the family and it's time for a job and no alimony.

Sometimes, the only needed solution is to enforce the laws as they were originally intended. Miss 1950's housewife who did everything in the household and ran a tight ship at home rated the alimony because she was busy as hell and had no time or skills for a regular job. That gal wasn't likely to push for a divorce unless things were honestly intolerable at home. My grandmother would have certainly rated alimony because her home and family stayed respectable and immaculate at all times. She also kept the marriage good. When my parents did get divorced my mom had work skills and older teen children who didn't need a constant minder. Judge awarded a few years of child support payments and half the leftover wealth of what was earned in the marriage. Mom had to get her ass to work pronto.

This freebie shit for being a couch lizard has to stop.