Addressing the Central American Violence Issue


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Something has gone horribly wrong in Central America. If things were good, then so many people would not seek asylum in the United States.

It is a double fold question, besides drugs and corruption, why can't the United Nations do something about the issue? It appears conditions in Central America has gotten so bad it should be considered a humanitarian crisis.

At what point should the rest of the world intervene in Central America? Once the nations are nothing but drug dealers and gangs?


Maybe the US stop importing their drugs, exporting weapons to them and training their death squads??


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It has to due with the half bred so called people. If it wasn't for the white man those spear chuckers would still be cutting each other's hearts out and hacking each other into bits... Oh wait...

Linda T.M.

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Too much money to be made off the South American drug trade. You have a better chance of convincing colored people to stop destroying their communities than convincing beaners and their South American neighbors to stop running drugs.

Maybe a real war would solve it, just bomb their mansions and line up their thugs and shoot them in the street. Kill a few thousand and itll crush their morale. The U.S. could also just legalize it all and start manufacturing their own drugs and taxing it, its a win-win. These laws are not working or we wouldn't have a drug "epidemic"