42 year old regrets leaving her fiancé at 19 to sleep around


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There are a lot of lessons in this video. In short, a 19 year old woman broke up with her fiance so she could sleep around. Or maybe so she would not be "tied down."

What women need to understand, as they age their market value decreases. Chances are they have little to nothing saved for retirement, a lot of them divorced their loving husbands, cashed out half of his retirement, then blew the money on trivial crap. Their next partner sees what she did to her last husband and decides he does not want to go down that route.

Most men are willing to work themselves into the ground to support their wives and family. What do we get in return? We get discarded once the woman gets bored with their marriage. Women think they can walk away from a marriage then fall into the arms of anther man. What does a middle aged woman have to offer a man? Their child bearing years are behind them, so they can not offer children. When a man meets an older woman, chances are the grandchildren will be there with their hands out.

On the flip side, men reach their highest wage earnings in their late 40s and into their 50s. So the woman who walked away from a marriage in middle life was just then starting to get into the high wage area of her loving husbands potential.

The woman in the video got what she deserved, and that was to be alone.

What typically happens to single women in their 40s and 50s? They turn into one night stands for men. Relationships may last a few weeks, but sooner or later the men get tired of the kids and grandkids bleeding them dry so the men head to greener and younger pastures.

With all of that said there are a few expectations, such as older women with a college degree and a career. When a woman has financial stability they have something to offer besides sex.
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