2021 The worst year ever in America


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Covid 19 deaths at 8,000 per day, Riots in the Street, Unemployment at 1 million a month, Murders Bankruptcy all time High , Russia, China, Iran shooting Nuclear weapons at Alaska , in international oceans, Illegal Immigration on the Southern US Broader 35,000 per caravan 10 caravans, Americans are not able to eat, freezing sleeping out side in the cold, cannot afford to fee their Families, Police refuse to stop the riots because they were Defunded The Military is sleeping on Garage floors because some on who might not have voted for Two perverts Joe Biden and Kamala Harris . America is so screwed a new strain of Covid 19 is here, VD cases in DC at 1,000 a week because HOE Kamala Harris is banging every black guy in town and Biden's dogs, and what is the House and Senate doing about it for WE The People. Impeaching POTUS Trump who is not in office and as the first impeachment means NOTHING, Can you believe this is happening>


What I find harder to believe is that Americans mostly aren't doing anything about any of it. They seem to want to cling to the idea that everything is mostly ok/normal. And those that voted against DJT are even saying it's going to all be better now. Really? I guess it has to get to massive and catastrophic proportion to get people out of their comfort zone.

People were affected by 9-11; but so far this rather soft end to America as we knew it mostly hasn't even got them to break their normal stride. I know phrases like cognitive dissonance and normalcy bias have been bandied around to explain some of this, but it still seems to me like it's a totally different country/world from my young days and my parents and grandparents generations. Those people were actively engaged in their own lives, not just spectators.

I don't know what, if anything, those who see the problem should do about all this, but I do know what I hear the most - just wait for it to get better - is not the best approach. I see a lot of discussions about political action (new party, midterms etc.), but any of that stuff now is just beating that old dead horse. So, for now, I'm stuck watching the train wreck in slow motion.