1. Libertas

    Women work less hours than men

    Excellent article from the Dailymail showing exactly why women make less money than men. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-205049/Women-work-longer-hours-men.html So there you have it, an exact example of why women make less than men. Feminist argue "Equal pay for equal work." So...
  2. Libertas

    42 year old regrets leaving her fiancé at 19 to sleep around

    There are a lot of lessons in this video. In short, a 19 year old woman broke up with her fiance so she could sleep around. Or maybe so she would not be "tied down." What women need to understand, as they age their market value decreases. Chances are they have little to nothing saved for...
  3. Libertas

    Maybe women should be denied to right to divorce?

    Something like 85% of divorces are initiated by women. If 85% of school age children had the chicken pox the government would declare a national emergency. If 85% of people had a certain disease,or condition, there would be a national outcry. Yet, 85% of divorces can be initiated by women...