tim pool

  1. Libertas

    Kamala Harris drops out of 2020 race

    It seems Kamala Harris dropped out of the 2020 presidential race, which is a good thing. There are rumors going around of her fighting to keep innocent people in prison. they were suppose to have been proven innocent after Kamala Harris prosecuted them, but after new evidence came out she...
  2. Libertas

    BabyYoda more popular than Democrats

    If social media were to decide the next president, democrats would lose to BabyYoda. Let's be honest, Democrats have no platform besides hate, open borders and Socialism / Fascism / Communism. Regardless what people call it, the 'isms are just different shades of black. I think social media...
  3. Libertas

    World should respond to Chinas labor camps

    Germany 1930s throws people in camps = crimes against humanity that should never be repeated. China 2019 throws people in camps = rest of the world so what? Did we learn nothing from the German death camps in the 1930s and 1940s? So why hasn't the world condemned China for its work / labor...
  4. Libertas

    Obama Secretly Planned To Stop Bernie Sanders

    I have said this time and time again, Democrats do not want open and free elections. When it looks like someone on the "outside" may win, Democrats plot to stop that person. This is true even when it comes to someone within the Democrat party. Democrats tried to stop Trump with the Russia...
  5. Libertas

    Trump Is Winning On Every Major Political Front

    Tim Pool makes an interesting point, President Trump is winning on every political front. Chances are Democrats know they have no platform and their only hope of defeating Trump in 2020 is to remove him from office. President Trump is raising more money than Democrats. President Trump is...
  6. Libertas

    South Carolina proposal to ban youth gender reassignment

    The James Younger case in Texas where the parents were fighting about letting their so called "transgender" child transition to a new gender has spurred South Carolina to purpose a law saying children under the age of 18 can not transition. I think this is a good idea. Children 6, 7, 8...
  7. Libertas

    Google Caught Censoring Conservative Sites

    Tim Pool published another excellent video about Google censoring and blacklisting conservative sites. In our modern world, which uses mainly Google for search results, what is the world suppose to do to get fair and unbiased news? Maybe the government should pass a law saying political...
  8. Libertas

    Twitter starts banning Trump supporters

    Be careful what you tweet on twitter or you might get labeled a bot an banned. Examples like that are why this free speech forum was created. It is obvious social media sites only tolerate like minded individuals.
  9. Libertas

    Waves Of Explosions Rocking Sweden

    I was wondering how long this was going to take? Neighboring Denmark is going to strengthen its borders with Sweden because of the rise in explosions. Gee, and we wonder why President Trump wants to secure our borders?
  10. Libertas

    Youtube And Facebook Censoring CIA Whistleblower Name

    It appears any news article or video that exposes the whistleblower name is being censored. Tim Pool talks about it in this video. This is the exact reason why the Free Speech forum exist. We must band together to stand against the corruption of social media and main stream media. The...
  11. Libertas

    California becoming unliveable third world cesspool

    Tim Pool makes some excellent videos, and in this on he talks about how California is becoming unlivable. I added the third world cesspool to the title, that is not what Tim said. Rampant drug use on the streets Wildfires Power companies shutting power off due to wildfires Petty crime...