1. S

    China, Russia, and Iran Hold Joint Drills

    Well, here's a new Trifecta of Evil.
  2. S

    The Only Guilty Party During Impeachment is Adam Schiff

    Excellent commentary on Shifty Schiff's role in the impeachment hoax.
  3. Libertas

    United States First Month in 70 Years as a Net Petroleum Exporter

    There was once a time when drilling our own oil fields was frowned upon. It seems those days are behind us. Why was drilling our oil fields frowned upon? In the 1970s and 1980s a decision was made to tap into overseas oil supplies in the hopes of conserving our oil. As with just about...
  4. Libertas

    What did Russia have to gain with Facebook ads?

    It seemed that the Presidential election between Trump and Hillary boiled down to some facebook ads - yea right. The big question, what did Russia hope to gain with the ads? Even if ads were ran for Hillary and Trump, what did Russia hope to achieve? Politics have grown past ads and main...