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  1. Libertas

    Why is President Trump getting blamed for Coronavirus spreading?

    Over the past few months there seems to be a common trend in leftist main stream media blaming President Trump for Coronavirus spreading. Phrases are usually along the lines of "President Trump failed to stop the spread of Coronavirus." What is missing is what people think he should have done...
  2. Libertas

    Muslim Community Patrols have NYC residents alarmed

    Video says New Yorkers are "shocked" about reports of Muslim Community Patrols patrolling the streets. I guess the people who are "shocked" have not heard about this same thing happening in England for several years. In England the patrols enforce Muslim religious laws and harass people who...
  3. Libertas

    Supreme Court Takes Up Gun Case

    The United States supreme Court has taken up another gun control case. This one involves a New York law that prohibits people from taking their firearms out of the city limits. Of course the Supreme Court is going to strike this law down. If for no other reason, the federal government...