1. Libertas

    Dutch Divorce Rate Skyrockets Before New Alimony Law Takes Effect

    Dutch women rush to file for divorce before a new Dutch law takes effect that reduces the length a person can get alimony, Proves alimony should be abolished as it is a tool used for people to destroy families and marriages. And people wonder why fewer young people are getting married and...
  2. Libertas

    Women work less hours than men

    Excellent article from the Dailymail showing exactly why women make less money than men. So there you have it, an exact example of why women make less than men. Feminist argue "Equal pay for equal work." So...
  3. Libertas

    DNC is financially broke

    The Democratic National Committee is financially broke. If we want to look at the big picture, they are financially and morally bankrupt. Democrats have failed to raise anywhere near what Republicans are raising. In some cases Democrats are onyl raising 1/3 of what the GOP has raised...
  4. Libertas

    Equal pay debate and the equal pay act of 1963

    Listen to just about anyone running for president, Hillary for example, and they may say, "When I am president women will make just as much as men." As of yet I have not heard anyone challenge the use of the buzzwords. Just about every state, and the federal government has laws on the books...
  5. K

    Education is not the key to success

    Education or book learning had nothing to do with the success of those people that chose to take another path rather than the typical one (education). People can be successful in any field with the right skills. Book learning has a lot to do with the knowledge a person has, but not with the...