1. Libertas

    Chicken Express apologizes to Muslim employee

    A manager at Chicken Express in Saginaw, Texas told a muslim employee she had to remove her hijab head covering. This is a good example of how our education system has failed people. The manager followed a strict interpretation of the employee handbook. We all know company policy does not...
  2. Libertas

    Muslim Community Patrols have NYC residents alarmed

    Video says New Yorkers are "shocked" about reports of Muslim Community Patrols patrolling the streets. I guess the people who are "shocked" have not heard about this same thing happening in England for several years. In England the patrols enforce Muslim religious laws and harass people who...
  3. Libertas

    Another terror attack in London

    Didn't the mayor of London say this should be considered normal for a large city? The attacker had previously spent time in prison for another terror attack. If he had spent time in prison, this shows how terrorist can never be released back into society...
  4. Libertas

    What will happen to feminist when Islam conquers Europe

    It may be another century or so but eventually Islam will conquer Europe through mass immigration. This immigration will be facilitated by the righteous left and feminism. How will feminist react when they have to wear a headscarf, and can only go outside when they are escorted by a family...