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  1. Libertas

    How can the world address Chinas economic imperialism

    China has become economic world leader by exploiting cheap labor and being business friendly. What other nation would build dormitories next to factories to house tens of thousands of workers? China and its millions of slave labor workers have destroyed the middle class in numerous developed...
  2. Libertas

    Business Insider: Government no longer represents the people

    This should be filed under the "no duh" category, as the government has not represented the people for decades. why was Donald Trump elected president? Because the people are sick and tired of business as usual. If there is one thing we have witnessed during the presidency of Donald Trump...
  3. Libertas

    Lot of anti-Trump propaganda on TikTok

    For those of you who do not know about TikTok, it is a lip-sync app for short videos. People can make all kinds of short say 10 second long clips with various music already on the app. Something I have noticed lately is a lot of "Impeach Trump" types of videos. It is usually people pointing...
  4. Libertas

    Education system has failed voters

    During the election of obama in 2008, 2012, and when hillary was running against President Trump, I never could figure out why people voted for Obama or Hillary. Voting for Trump was easy; he talked about balanced trade with China, NAFTA, job creation... etc. Obama and hillary on the other...
  5. Libertas

    Change in American culture not for the better

    As with all cultures there has been a gradual change in American culture, and I am not sure it has been for the better. There was once a time when trucks in the high school parking lot had shotguns and rifles in the back window, and there was never a school shooting. Today, it seems there is...