1. Libertas

    Democrats Turning United States Into a One Party Government

    Democrats and main stream media have made it painfully clear they will not accept any form of government unless it is ran by Democrats. The impeachment of President Trump makes it obvious Democrats are only interested in protecting their own, regardless of what crimes Democrats may have...
  2. Libertas

    Impeachment leaves working Blue Collar States in a pickle

    A term that is not used very much is a "Yellow Dog Democrat." The term means they would vote democrat even if a yellow dog was running on the ticket. However, with the democrat party moving towards socialism, and President Trump balancing trade and creating jobs, this leaves blue collar...
  3. Libertas

    Democrats making a mistake impeaching Trump

    Kinda like a cheating wife who tried to run off with a friend, then come back, Democrats are making a big mistake trying to impeach Trump. Representatives and Senators of blue collar working Democrats will have to go back to their districts and explain why they impeached a president who is...
  4. Libertas

    United States unemployment drops to 50-year low

    Wall Street Journal is reporting unemployment has dropped to a 50 years low. I am sure this has something to do with Trumps fair and balanced trade policies. It is amazing what happens when we have a president who is willing to do something besides sit at a desk. Also amazing what happens...
  5. Libertas

    Democrats Pushing the United States Towards Fascism

    Democrats are pushing the United States towards Fascism, or rather a one party system. With every step our duly elected President Trump has taken, Democrats have fought him tooth and nail. Federal courts, especially the 9th circuit, have been used as a weapon against the president. When the...
  6. Libertas

    BabyYoda more popular than Democrats

    If social media were to decide the next president, democrats would lose to BabyYoda. Let's be honest, Democrats have no platform besides hate, open borders and Socialism / Fascism / Communism. Regardless what people call it, the 'isms are just different shades of black. I think social media...
  7. Libertas

    Trump Is Winning On Every Major Political Front

    Tim Pool makes an interesting point, President Trump is winning on every political front. Chances are Democrats know they have no platform and their only hope of defeating Trump in 2020 is to remove him from office. President Trump is raising more money than Democrats. President Trump is...
  8. Libertas

    DNC is financially broke

    The Democratic National Committee is financially broke. If we want to look at the big picture, they are financially and morally bankrupt. Democrats have failed to raise anywhere near what Republicans are raising. In some cases Democrats are onyl raising 1/3 of what the GOP has raised...
  9. Libertas

    Anyone notice Democrats do not have a culture besides hate?

    If we look at the Democrat party as a whole, and their past history spanning the past 200 years, all we see is hate and evil. The foundation of the democrat party is rooted in crimes against humanity. According to Wikipedia Andrew Jackson's supporters founded the Democratic Party. While...
  10. Libertas

    Democrats will make the same mistakes Hillary did

    What happened to Hillary during the 2016 elections? Simply put, she refused to address the issues. Correct me if I am wrong, but I do not remember her talking about fair and balanced trade with China. She did however say she was going to put coal miners out of business. Hillary used fear...
  11. Libertas

    Democrats Are Unhinged Going Down a Dangerous Path

    Since the election of Donald Trump the Democrats have become unhinged. This has interrupted the peaceful transfer of power. When one party loses an election, they are supposed to accept the results and work with the party that now has the majority vote. This peaceful transfer of power did not...
  12. Libertas

    Why are young people embracing socialism?

    Are young people not being taught how many millions of people have been killed by socialism and communism? Yet, people point their fingers at fascist (nazis) and say how terrible fascist are. Truth be known, fascist have done terrible things, but socialist and communist have done much worse...
  13. Libertas

    Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards wins Louisiana general election

    Looks like Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards has won the Louisiana gubernatorial race. What does this mean? Nothing, as Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards ran a classic Democrat conservative campaign. However, Liberal Democrats are going to spin this as a defeat for Trump and the GOP. What...
  14. Libertas

    Legacy Media Wonders if Michael Bloomberg Can Save The Democrats

    Styxhexenhammer666 has an opinion piece talking about main stream medias opinion on Michael Bloomberg, if he can save the Democrat party and defeat Trump in 2020? Bloomberg has too much baggage. Just his record on stop and frisk, and gun control will drive moderate Democrats away. It would...
  15. Libertas

    Discussion on political parties, and forms of government

    Why is this section dedicated to forms of government and "economic systems?" Simply because the two are very closely related. The failure of economic systems can typically bring about change of governments.
  16. Libertas

    Why are Democrats protecting the name of the whistleblower?

    Our legal system is founded in various principles - right to legal counsel, right to bail, right to a speedy trial, right to a jury of our peers, and last but one of the most important issues is a right to face our accuser. For some reason Democrats want the ID of the whistleblower to remain...