1. Libertas

    Will Taiwan be China's Poland?

    It is just a matter of time before China exercise its strong arm on Taiwan. The communist government will not allow Taiwan to set an example for pro-democracy activist. When the communist government of China finally has enough of the "one country two systems", and strips Taiwan of its...
  2. Libertas

    Who started the China USA conflict?

    Back in the 1970s and 1980s there was a saying, "You never do business with communist." We threw that saying to the side when China offered cheap labor. Now consider this old saying - "A man finds a sick snake. He takes the snake home, takes care of it, and doctors it back to health. One...
  3. Libertas

    China Uncensored details Chinas Coronavirus response

    China Uncensored is a YouTube channel that details Chinese government corruption and crimes against humanity. In this video they detail how China responded to the Coronavirus. Everything from silencing doctors who spoke out, to arresting citizen journalist, to denying aid from the United...
  4. Libertas

    The 2020s: Coming Decade of Crises and Turmoil?

    The world has experienced an era of peace the likes of which have never been recorded in history. Yes, there have been conflicts in the Middle East, but hose have been going on fro thousands of years. Even dating back to before the Egyptians and Romans there was constant warfare in the...
  5. Libertas

    China to rewrite Bible and Quran

    A report has been released saying China is going to rewrite the Bible and Quran to reflect socialist values. This is a worrying trend as young people in the United States are favoring socialism / communism over capitalism. Capitalism may not be a great system, but at least we have certain...
  6. S

    China, Russia, and Iran Hold Joint Drills

    Well, here's a new Trifecta of Evil.
  7. S

    Tesla Gets More Financial Backing From New Idiots

    And his snake oil side show continues with a new group of shmucks.
  8. Libertas

    Chinese video surveillance technology is cutting edge

    China is perfecting video surveillance technology. I am not sure if this is a good or bad thing. One on had it may help curb criminals, on the other hand people should not be watched all the time, yet on the other hand there us no privacy in public spaces. When going to public areas we accept...
  9. Libertas

    How can the world address Chinas economic imperialism

    China has become economic world leader by exploiting cheap labor and being business friendly. What other nation would build dormitories next to factories to house tens of thousands of workers? China and its millions of slave labor workers have destroyed the middle class in numerous developed...
  10. Libertas

    Business Insider: Government no longer represents the people

    This should be filed under the "no duh" category, as the government has not represented the people for decades. why was Donald Trump elected president? Because the people are sick and tired of business as usual. If there is one thing we have witnessed during the presidency of Donald Trump...
  11. Libertas

    Lot of anti-Trump propaganda on TikTok

    For those of you who do not know about TikTok, it is a lip-sync app for short videos. People can make all kinds of short say 10 second long clips with various music already on the app. Something I have noticed lately is a lot of "Impeach Trump" types of videos. It is usually people pointing...
  12. Libertas

    China will eventually lose a trade war

    China will eventually lose a trade war simply because communist do not innovate. Innovation happens when people profit from their creations. Whether it is a radio, software, medicine... making money is what drives innovation. When the government owns everything, people are less like to...
  13. Libertas

    Who owns the water in Australia?

    Who owns the water in Australia? Came across this video talking about the 2019 drought in Australia. At 4:00 there is an interview with a farmer who can not touch the water running through his property. The video narrator says the water is being sent downstream to be sold to the highest...
  14. Libertas

    World should respond to Chinas labor camps

    Germany 1930s throws people in camps = crimes against humanity that should never be repeated. China 2019 throws people in camps = rest of the world so what? Did we learn nothing from the German death camps in the 1930s and 1940s? So why hasn't the world condemned China for its work / labor...
  15. Libertas

    Trump Is Winning On Every Major Political Front

    Tim Pool makes an interesting point, President Trump is winning on every political front. Chances are Democrats know they have no platform and their only hope of defeating Trump in 2020 is to remove him from office. President Trump is raising more money than Democrats. President Trump is...
  16. Libertas

    United States may have to bring draft back

    Article on Military Times talking about how the United States may have to bring the draft back. I feel this is a good idea, and an excellent idea. Good idea - teach disciple and firearms handling to the younger generation. Excellent idea - women get drafted for the first time. They wanted...
  17. Libertas

    Education system has failed voters

    During the election of obama in 2008, 2012, and when hillary was running against President Trump, I never could figure out why people voted for Obama or Hillary. Voting for Trump was easy; he talked about balanced trade with China, NAFTA, job creation... etc. Obama and hillary on the other...
  18. Libertas

    Why do people imbrace free trade?

    Over the years there has been a trend from protectionism to free and open markets, back to protectionism. Part of the problem I feel is people do not understand the effects of free trade on developed nations. Free trade only creates job in poor nations, while rich developed nations are robbed...
  19. J

    The China threat to the West and its neighbors

  20. Libertas

    Hasbro Bends Knee To China

    TheQuartering has posted another excellent video, this time about China and Hasbro. Let's be honest, companies care about one thing and that is making money. If a company has to give its factories to China and sell out to the the lowest bidder, they will. While companies may say they want...